Bob Aul, the drawing half of the team of Aul & Callahan, is a regular contributor to Orange County, California's OC Weekly. His illustrations have infected scores of alternative publications throughout the continental United States and Canada. A jazz tubaist, adbuster and student of Fletcher Henderson, Aul is currently at work painting rusty old ocean liners and compiling Start Lisping Today! — a collection of his cartoons due out whenever he derned well feels like it.


Nathan Callahan, whose 1994 political performance piece and first book Shut Up, Fag!: Quotations from the Files of Congressman Bob Dornan became a cult classic (bringing on the downfall of Dornan, an eight-term U.S. Congressman) joined the OC Weekly staff for its premier issue in 1995. His collected works for the Weekly were published in Suburban Manners: An Irreverent View of Politics, Wealth and Culture in Orange County, California. Callahan can be heard on Weekly Signals, a KUCI talk radio show he co-hosts with Mike Kaspar.








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